Manuk Gallery is an open space for artists who want to expose and show their art proposal as well as workshops and talks related to art.

Lourdes Rivera developed in Fábrica la Aurora the Gallery & Workshop that opens its doors in August 2016 with the concept of learning to free the senses in an open space using all kinds of materials with the motto of freedom, orientation, tenacity and change. 

Manuk Gallery offers:

-   Exhibitions

-  Wine And Paint

-  Mixed media classes

-  Talks

-  Workshops

-  Art tours around San Miguel de Allende local artist studios, look at this link for more info #ArtTourSMA


The Exhibitions

Manuk gallery counts with a wide variety of artists and art styles. For most of the artworks the abstract style is a form that is shown the most.

One thing that characterizes the gallery is its constant movement of artworks and artists. The gallery counts with a variety of different artists which are changed every three months in order show the spectator a different experience every time they come into the gallery.


Art Tour around San Miguel de Allende at local artist studios


Mixed Media Classes


 The ExpresArte painting classes is a course where the student explores techniques and mediums through a guided class where the student´s ideas are the main focus and the teacher is the one that will guide them to plasm their ideas.

In this classes we will be using different painting mediums as well as inconvenient materials in order to create textures or visual effects.